Training is an essential part of any company’s compliance program.

E-learning is training without the classroom. Instead it is Network-based, Intranet-based, or Internet-based and can at the client’s request include text, video, audio, animation and virtual environments.

Lee’s Compliance E-learning is an effective on line based training program, which allows any employer or individual (the Learner) to learn anywhere, at any time, as long as he or she has a properly configured computer, tablet or smart phone.

Lee’s Compliance E-Learning, despite not being in a classroom, will still result in an interesting and enriching learning experience, which is self-paced, and hands-on for any Learner, allowing and providing the Learner with an understanding of the laws which apply to his or her environment.

The quality of the Lee’s Compliance E –Learning, is in its content and its delivery. Various laws are covered, including the Consumer Protection Act, 2008, the Companies Act, 2008, and the Competition Act, 1993, which laws have been unpacked under easy to understand modules which speak the same language as the Learner and give the Learner a practical interpretation of the effect and impact of the law and the consequences of non compliance.

Content and format

Each Training program is available as an on- line slide show, with the option, exercised by the Learner to either read or to listen to the content using the voice over activation button.

Each Training program covering a particular law or topic is divided into a variety of modules and sub-modules, which are subject matter orientated and output based. The Learner will be allocated only those modules, which are applicable to his or her job activities or function. The Learner, will at his or her own pace commence with the first module comprising the series of modules making up the learning experience, and will, once he or she has successfully completed this module, be allowed to proceed to the next module.

At the end of each module the Learner will be asked a number of multiple choice questions, which if correctly answered will allow the Learner to proceed to the next module. Each module will take about 15 minutes to complete.

Once all the modules comprising the respective Training programme has been completed, the Learner, his or her administrator and the Lee’s Compliance Administrator will be sent an email confirming that the Leaner has successfully completed the Training programme.

A record and a back up of the training will be created and sent to the client, which will include the following details:

Name of Leaner; Training course and details of the allocated modules; time when training commenced and time when training was completed; confirmation that training was successful or non -successful.

Levels of e-learning

The Lee’s Compliance E-learning content falls into 2 categories, employer and management categories. Each training program is divided into key modules and / or sub-modules, which will be allocated to the Learner on a need to know basis based on that Learner’s job description and / or day to day activities. The content of these modules can be customised to suit the client’s particular requirements, alternatively the generic product can be used.

The modules will also be updated each year or on a more frequent basis should the law or requirement change.

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